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Library Automation (RFID)

A library is a growing organism. As it grows in size the problems associated with the maintenance and security of the documents also grows. With fewer staff often the only way to do more with less is to use technology to automate tasks that otherwise divert the librarians attention from their more important reader development and learning support roles.
How it works
How it helps

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a new generation of Auto Identification and Data collection technology which helps to automate business processes and allows identification of large number of tagged items like books, assets, people, vehicle, etc using radio waves.
RFID as a technology is sparking interest in the library community because of a promising increase in efficiency, productivity and enhanced user satisfaction. The solution would allow fast transaction flow and will prove immediate and long term benefits to the library in traceability and security.
Ospox RFID based Library Management System is a tried and tested solution that uses HF RFID technology. Libraries, across the globe, use RFID to speed up the self check in/out process, control the theft and ease inventory control in the library. The barcode technology is slowly getting replaced by the RFID. The RFID tags need not to be visible for detection.
Because every experience counts: and the only way to do more with less is to use technology to automate tasks.

User Friendly : SMS Alerts
User friendly front end application for the Ospox Library kiosk through which you can issue or return a book in less than 20 seconds. Automated book Pick/ Drop SMS alerts can be facilitated using the Ospox RFID library solution.
Self Check-in/ Check-out Eliminates Theft:
With the Ospox Library Self check-in/ check-out kiosk you can issue, return and renew your books which are tagged with RFID stickers. A print out will also be given by the kiosk bearing the return date details. With every single book/ CD/ DVD been tagged with the Ospox RFID tag, the Ospox security gates starts raising an alarm if the student tries to take the book from the library without having it issued.
Touch Screen Smart Design :
The Ospox smart touch screen makes the entire kiosk experience hassle free and interactive. The design of the kiosk and other readers and security gates along with its cross integration with minimum wires makes it convenient for set up.
Reserve Book Online: Speedy Issue/ Return:
Enjoy the convenient of reserving the book online anytime anywhere with the Ospox cloud application. With the Ospox RFID readers you can issue/return multiple books at the same time, thereby saving a lot of time.
Smart Inventory: Secured Login:
All users are given secured login both online as well as on the kiosk with RFID as per requirement. The handheld Ospox RFID reader helps in managing the inventory in a smarter and efficient way by locating missing books and books which are misplaced by the students.


-----How It Works-----

Library Automation Process

  • Any new book is attached with an Ospox RFID tag which contains relevant information like, call number, accession number, book number, etc.
  • All details regarding the book are captured in the Ospox database
  • The Ospox database also stores all information for individual users (patrons) of the library.
  • Each patron is issued a smart card that carry identification data for each patron.
  • To issue a book, the user would flash his smart card and the system would automatically open his login account page.
  • He would be required to place the selected books one by one on the Ospox RFID scanner.
  • The Ospox database would automatically record all the data against his name.
  • Similarly, when he would return book(s), he would simply place the books in the book drop counter near the scanner and the books would be marked as returned against the patron's name. Thus, automating the library operations to a great extent.
  • It would also help in library management. Now, the library would be able to find how frequently a particular book is issued. With this information, those books could be ordered in large stocks compared to the other books. Thus, it can also prove beneficial in an economic way.

-----How It Helps-----
Improve Patron Experience Locate misplaced book :
Let Ospox take care of all the monotonous and boring work while the librarian interacts with the students, and yes the students will love the touch screen and hassle free interaction With the Ospox RFID Reader don't go hunting for the book in the library let the RFID quickly hunt it down precisely for you
Reduce Queuing Time Flexible Work Hours for Employees:
With RFID Technology issuing and returning a book
will happen in seconds that too for multiple books.
Stop worrying about the timings and availability of your staff, because Ospox will continue to handle all the core activities for you.


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