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Student Information System (Cloud)

To meet the challenges that schools face everyday in maintaining and accessing the records of students, Ospox provides a highly customizable Student Information System. This system has all the features of a School ERP system required to manage the academic and administrative functions of schools efficiently. It reduces the need for staff by automating the entire School Management System processes, thus it maintains the economy of the schools. It facilitates the Schools focus more on the development of students.  

Why Ospox?
How it helps

School Management Software on Cloud

No more software installations and failed after sales support, manage all the departments of your school/college from anywhere by empowering your School/ college with Ospox School Management System which is the most advanced, customizable and comprehensive Cloud Based ERP.
Your students, Your data, Your processes, Our Technology & Our Cloud.
Ospox School Management System provides user-friendly dashboards with login access to all the teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management body of your institution. The various modules available in Ospox takes care of all the processes in your institution, right from admission of new students to generating transfer certificate, when the student completes his/ her studies.



-----SMS Portal-----



-----Why Ospox-----
Web based User friendly
Access Ospox School/ College management system through the power of internet from anywhere at any time. Ospox School Management System is built keeping a layman in mind, no technical skills are required to work on our ERP. All modules are very user friendly in terms of adding and retrieving data.
Customization Your Data Our Cloud
We respect and segregate the day to day processes of individual schools and colleges, all you need to do is interact with our in house developers and we can tailor make Ospox School ERP as per your requirement. Do not get worried about failed after sales support or delayed site visit response for fixing any problem, we can fix all issues as soon as possible from our development center through the cloud.
Data Security Quick Setup
Leave the security to us, your data is secure on our Ospox cloud. Allowing the schools/ colleges to focus on their day to day activities. No matter where your campus is or how many students you have, we can set up your account in less than 2 minutes flat, give you the login details and hurray, your dedicated Ospox School Management System is up and running.
Graphical Visuals Secure Login
With the graphical visuals and charts you can get a holistic view of the available data of all the departments under one roof which enables smart decisions. Secure log id and password can be generated by the Admin user to parents, teachers and students.
SMS No Hardware Software Installations
Through the Ospox School Management Software schools/colleges can send customized mass SMS to students or parents filtered on the basis of grade and section. No hardware or software insallations required, just login from the internet and start using Ospox School Management Software on your computer/laptop or tab.


-----How It Helps-----

  •     Transparency in School Management System.

  •     Availability of real-time up to date information.

  •     Better management of school academic process & administration.

  •     Instant access to required information and activities of the school.

  •     A centralized Student Information System which makes reporting possible at one place.

  •     Keeps parents up to date with their ward's progress in school.

  •     Helps in maintaining better interaction between parents, teachers & school management.
Why is Ospox Student Information System (SaaS) Your Best Choice?
No Software
Unlike traditional client-server systems, in the Ospox School Management Software (also known as SaaS), it isn't necessary to install software on each user's computer, thus IT departments don't need to install, patch, upgrade, or maintain multiple software configurations. This saves a great deal of time, money, labor, and frustration.
Low Up-Front Technology Costs
When using the Ospox School Management System, the school/ college does not have to make large upfront investments in hardware, operating systems, databases, software licenses, IT staff, and ongoing overhead costs. It requires no client-owned or managed infrastructure other than Internet access, and can be entirely supported on an infrastructure provided by Ospox Cloud based School ERP.
Rapid Implementation
Since no installation of on-site hardware or software is required, implementation can start immediately, meaning schools/ colleges can start realizing benefits right away with limited upfront costs, rather than spending months deploying a client-server solution.
Continual Upgrades
Ospox Student Information System makes upgrades a thing of the past. Upgrades are automatic and free using the Cloud model. Since our development resources are not wasted on maintaining many different software versions across many unique platform configurations, we can focus our development efforts on continually adding new innovations to the software. And new features and functionality can be added to the system and made available to all users with no down-time.
Cloud Supplier Does the Heavy Lifting
Software success used to be the sole responsibility of the customer. In the Ospox School Management Software, we are responsible for deployment, maintenance, infrastructure, security, etc. Because we generate revenue based on a per student model, we are very motivated to get customers up and running quickly and ensure ongoing value and usage.
In the Ospox School Management Software deployment, all critical data is stored in a secure, off-site data center. Most IT departments are typically pulled in many directions, and are typically challenged to keep up with the latest in network and physical security strategies. In the Ospox School Management Software deployment, data security is core to our offering, meaning that schools/ colleges can rest assured that their data is almost certainly much more secure in a Cloud deployment than in a client server environment.
The needs of educational institutions are constantly changing, so you need a system that is adaptable to meet future needs. Ospox Student Information System can efficiently adapt to changing environments by adding new technologies, and new functionalities, and instantly making them available to schools/ colleges.
Ideal for Small IT Departments
Since users don't need servers, or any special equipment, Ospox School Management SoftwareERP is suitable for small or departmental level deployments, and does not impact other IT resources.
IT Expense Predictability
The total cost of using the Ospox School Management Software system is very predictable since the majority of expenses is our responsibility. This is much different than in a client-server environment where once the system is accepted, ongoing maintenance, operation and support is the burden of the end user, and is often unpredictable. In the Ospox School Management Softwaredeployment, we assume all of the risk and is therefore motivated to perform.
The Ospox School Management SoftwareERP is ideal for users who are mobile, and need to work and access information from different locations. The Ospox School Management Softwaresoftware can be securely accessed from any computer (office, home, etc) that has access to the Internet.
The Ospox Cloud-based Student Information System is designed to scale seamlessly for large numbers of simultaneous users. As such, they are able to easily maintain performance levels and uptime as your school/ college grows and the volume of data stored expands over time. With an on-premise, client-based solution, managing performance and uptime are burdens the school/ college must handle, and can involve additional costs in database licenses, skilled personnel, hardware and infrastructure.


Q. Our school/ college is located in Switzerland, how can you provide us the School ERP solution and handle technical issues without having a local office/ team?
A. No problem just send us a mail about your interest, go through our demo, make the bank transfers and we will initiate your login in minutes, your dedicated School/College management ERP live ready for action through our cloud. With our SaaS model you don't need a local office or team to set up your cloud ERP.
Q. What is Cloud computing/ SAAS (software as a service)?
A. Software as a service (SaaS), sometimes referred to as "on-demand software" supplied by "Application-Service-Providers" (ASPs), is a software delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud. SaaS is typically accessed by users using a thin client via a web browser.
Q. How is SaaS model advantageous?
A. Unlike traditional client-server systems, in a Cloud (also known as SaaS) deployment it isn't necessary to install software on each user's computer, thus IT departments don't need to install, patch, upgrade, or maintain multiple software configurations. This saves a great deal of time, money, labor, and frustration.
Q. Is this a ready to use product/ solution or the company will develop it for us?
A. Ospox Student Information System is a ready to use product, get started in minutes, also we can customize Ospox School Management SoftwareERP as per your requirement.
Q. Do I need an Internet connection to use Ospox School ERP?
A. Yes, Ospox School ERP is a cloud-based ERP, and hence, and Internet connection is mandatory.
Q. Do I need to hire software engineers or IT resources for managing Ospox School Management Software?
A. No , Ospox School ERP is built to free the school management of the hassles, not to add another hassle. The entire software management and training is taken care of by Ospox so that you can concentrate on running the school by leveraging on Ospox.
Q. Is there a licensing cost for each school/ college? Do we need to install software in each-computer that we want to access?
A. No additional licenses or installation are required. Ospox School ERP is designed to be accessible from anywhere, any time. We charge on per student basis.
Q. Is my data safe?
A. Yes, Your data is safe and secure. We follow the industry's best security measures to ensure safety of your data.
Q. Do I need to take a back-up?
A. No, Ospox Student Information System ensures that daily and hourly back-ups are taken and maintained.


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